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Welcome! We hope that these resources can offer something valuable: a practical solution, a curiosity-inspiring new perspective, or a connection to a community of passionate leaders.

How it works

All resources below were chosen to be self-paced, community-based, and well-researched.

  • Self-paced

    God sets the standard of love and respect. We follow God’s lead in treating children as full members of God’s family.

  • Community-based

    Find support in your research as you connect with podcast hosts and guests, scholars, ministry leaders, and volunteers along the way.

  • Well-researched

    Learn practically with research from a diverse and multi-talented crowd of people, wherever wisdom is found.

Big Ideas

Explore and reflect on key topics like belonging, prayer, worship, and more.


Consider a central question for kids and adults, empowered with relevant research, downloadable ministry resources, inspiration, and more.

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Have a question we haven’t answered? Ask your questions, and help direct our research!


This conversational podcast explores and reflects on a high view of children for Christian parents. Along the way we’ll have conversations with experts and consider questions from real kids.

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