Episode 3 Season 1

“I Can Know God” with Dr. Lacy Finn Borgo

Today’s Episode

If God is engaging with the children in our lives, how can we come alongside the children we know to notice & respond to God’s voice?

Lacy Finn Borgo works as a spiritual director with children at Haven House, a transitional living facility for families. Lacy, Lindsey, and Ahyuwani discuss the questions that help a child pay attention to the activity & invitations from Jesus in their own lives. We’ll also hear some children reflect on the good, beautiful, and true in their lives.

Meet our Guest

Dr. Lacy Finn Borgo

Lacy Finn Borgo, DMin, lives in Colorado on a hobby farm. She teaches and provides spiritual direction for Renovare ministries, oversees spiritual directors, and provides spiritual direction for children at Haven House, a transitional housing facility for families without homes. Lacy has also written several books including Spiritual Conversations with Children: Listening to God Together and Faith Like a Child. She’s also written a children’s book about grief, All Shall Be Well.

Jesus invites us to notice the child in our midst, to welcome the child in our midst, and then maybe most radically of all, to become like the children in our midst.

Dr. Lacy Finn Borgo

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