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In the final episode of Season 1, Ahyuwani & Lindsey are joined by Kelli Dunn & Melissa Deelstra. Kelli & Melissa are both parents and ministry leaders who have been working out a lot of what we have talked about in this podcast both in their ministry contexts and at home. They share about the idea of Sacred Play & join Ahyuwani and Lindsey in reflecting on the first season of The Child in Our Midst. Kids school us on how to play and help us reflect on what God’s voice sounds like.

Meet Our Guests

Kelli Dunn

Kelli Dunn taught various grades from Kindergarten to High School for over a decade and now serves as the Director of Children’s Faith Formation at her church in Milwaukee, WI. Kelli thoughtfully designs experiences that will help create a culture where children are valued and where children are embraced as a valuable part of the church.

Melissa Deelstra

Melissa Deelstra is the Director of Children’s & Family Ministries at her church in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Melissa cares deeply about helping children and their families experience belonging as a part of the local church.

Both Melissa and Kelli are also parents and enjoy learning from and alongside their children as they journey together in faith.

There’s an invitation to be open and willing to be shaped by God through the voice of a child.

Lindsey Goetz

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